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About Earth Materials LLC

Who are we?

Earth Materials, LLC serves the community as a leading supplier of bulk components and materials for rain gardens, bio retention systems, infiltration basins, vegetated roofs, and wetland systems (constructed wetlands) in the greater Philadelphia-New Jersey area. Our industry focus provides engineers, architects and construction companies the best blended soil, aggregate, and compost resources available for both the specification of their project and the needs of our natural environment. We commit ourselves to the maintenance of green infrastructure with every project design.

What we do?

We work on-site with our clients to ensure the quality of our product meets the specifications of the project as well as the demands of the environment. Direct collaboration with the contractors, engineers and architects to provide a trusted source of industry-focused, institutional knowledge ensures any project design containing reasoning based on faulty assumptions about indigenous soils, plants, and climate patterns for a given area is corrected to reflect compositions needed for the region. We specialize in engineered soils and provide native soils, excavated from our own virgin source, then blended perfectly to meet the demands of each project; our blended soils are truly “From the Earth and Back”.

Why we do it?

Our passion for the Earth and helping in the development of sustainable building practices means we are committed to what is best for every community. Water pollution is a global issue. But it becomes increasingly prevalent as our urban areas expand, new construction continues, existing construction deteriorates and outdated materials require replacement; no longer within published code requirements. Rainwater runoff, without the correct green infrastructure system in place, carries with it pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and solid waste which migrates into our drinking waters. Green infrastructure practices provide the vehicle by which we can develop new or improve existing structures without sacrificing the quality of our water, the cleanliness of our air and inadvertently creating increased risks of erosion. Not only is it better for our environment, but the proper green infrastructure systems can protect an existing structure from increased, future damages over time.

What makes us better?

Earth Materials provides the construction industry with high-quality, clean topsoil as well as various types of Engineered Soils. All soils, sand and stone aggregates come from a native source and, when blended in accordance with the specifications of each project, are comprised of 100% recycled materials…“From the Earth and Back!” All soils meet Impact to Ground Water Soil Remediation Standards (IGWSRS), New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) soils and erosion control standards, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation earthwork requirements and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) soil standards. All sands, aggregates and fill dirt are certified and tested prior to delivery. Each blend is prepared upon order so our soils do not sit in an inventory site and face the risk of molecular structure degeneration due to exposure to harsh elements.

Earth Materials, LLC also supplies on-site materials such as geotextile fabrics, storm and sanitary piping, water distribution piping, cast iron and ductile iron castings, specialty precast concrete structures and more.

Earth Materials, LLC supplies quality materials, on-time deliveries, competitive pricing and strives to meet and exceed customer expectations!

FDR Park – Phillies Urban Youth Academy Project

FDR Park – Phillies Urban Youth Academy Project

About The Owner

Owner, Donna Copertino, brings over 15 years of experience and knowledge from the recycling industry into the green infrastructure development field. While learning how important utilizing and recycling nature’s resources and in an effort to contribute to improving the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe, Donna takes pride in offering customers environmentally safe solutions to their disposal needs, thus preventing materials that are recyclable from being landfilled, hence “From the Earth and Back.”

While Donna specializes in engineered soil blending, she provides contractors the ability to meet the specifications of architects and engineers through using natural earth materials as well as recycled materials on every project.  She is a sought-after collaborator who provides engineers and architects a trusted, industry-focused, institutional knowledge source that ensures specifications containing reasoning based on faulty assumptions about indigenous soils, plants, and climate patterns for a given area are corrected to include the compositions needed for the region. Through years of interaction with contractors, Donna assembled a company that focuses on providing each project and client with an expanded line of construction supplies and materials needed for green infrastructure. In addition, Donna has acquired certifications to assist contractors in meeting their participation goals on projects.

Donna’s integrity, commitment, dedication, passion and reputation in the industry built Earth Materials, LLC into a reliable material supplier that actively contributes to a more environmentally safe and sustainable future!