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About The Owner

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Meet Donna Copertino

Owner, Donna Copertino, brings over 20 years of experience in sustainable earth construction and environmental services to the industry. She is a passionate and driving force behind the use of virgin, recycled, and environmentally friendly materials to improve water, soil and air, and is a staunch supporter of sustainable urban infrastructure, land revitalization, and green development. Donna established Earth Materials, LLC to capitalize on the high demand for EPA certified “clean” materials for use in the environmental protection, brownfield/superfund site remediation and general construction industries.

Donna is a sought-after collaborator who provides environmental construction specialists, architects, and engineers with information on indigenous soils, plants, clean earth materials and erosion control products to help them determine the best soil, sand, and aggregate solutions for their projects. Her soil blending technologies allow her to provide contractors with the option of meeting specifications using natural earth materials along with recycled materials on projects.

Through years of interaction with project designers and owners, construction contractors, and quarry, recycling and landfill specialists, Donna has developed Earth Materials, LLC into a company that can provide every client with an expanded line of construction materials and supplies, along with a program for erosion control, debris removal, disposal, and recycling. In addition, Donna has acquired WBE, SBE, DBE and other certifications to assist contractors in meeting their participation goals on projects.

Donna’s integrity, commitment to the earth, and reputation in the industry has built Earth Materials, LLC into a conscientious earth material supplier and recycling solutions provider.

From The Ground Down, We Have It All

In addition to fill dirt, washed stone, and clean sands, we can supply erosion control, sanitary sewer system, and stormwater management products.


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