Certified DBE, SBE, and WBE Trucking/Hauling Services
Bulk Materials, Construction Materials, Recycled Materials/Trash
NAICS Codes: 562111, 484110, 238910, 484220, 484230

WBE | SBE | DBE Certifications

Copertino Earth Materials, LLC is a Federal and State Diversity Supplier in NJ, NY, PA, VA.

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WBE | SBE | DBE Certifications

Copertino Earth Materials, LLC is licensed to conduct business in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and is currently a federal and state government diversity supplier as a WBE, SBE, or DBE in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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New Jersey

NJWBE – A0093-89
NJSBE – A0174-56

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New York

NYWBE – MW CERT 2018-1356
NYDBE – 20278091

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PA UCP DBE – 14427
PHILA OEO – 111365

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VAWBE – 71495


Speciality Divisions for the North American Industry Classification System

Transporting soil, stone, sand, and debris takes special handling. We have specialized haulers, we negotiate transit rates and provide expert logistics via truck, container, or barge. Your orders are tracked from pick up to safe delivery.

Due to the nature of our business and the customers and projects we service, we also offer related products and services such as:

  • NAICS 325314: Fertilizer (Mixing Only) Manufacturing
  • NAICS 327992: Ground or Treated Mineral and Earth Manufacturing
  • NAICS 423320: Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 423390: Other Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 423610: Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Related Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 423720: Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies (Hydronics) Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 423990: Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 424910: Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 425120: Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers
  • NAICS 562219: Other Nonhazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
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DBE|SBE|WBE Hauling Services
Construction & Waste Materials